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P. Scott Royer Jr.
(707) 537-1144 Linkedin Profile

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Scott's Web Design

Servicing Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Windsor. Also servicing all of Sonoma County, Napa County, Mendocino County, Lake County and Marin County.

Also known as "agilentspider"

Scott Royer

Last Updated:
December 6, 2011
1521 Hexem Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Home Phone: 707-568-3971

Objective: Part-time Web, Microsoft Access, database, client/server applications design and construction.

Main Skills: Microsoft Access, Web design & construction, Dreamweaver, CSS, Microsoft Visual Studio, ADO (ActiveX Data Objects), ASP (Active Server Pages), VBS (Visual Basic Scripting), ORACLE PL/SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, DTS & Transact-SQL, Informix, Database Warehousing, Data Analysis for solving data flow & application functional problems, BRIO, Project Management, Client/Server Application design & construction.

Royer's Computer Programming Services – Independent Contractor March 2006 – Current
National Indian Justice Center, Santa Rosa, CA December 2011 – Current
Microsoft Access database consolidation, data normalization, new forms and reports.
Blue Ink Mobile Notary, Palo Alto, CA January 2011 – Current
Web Master helped design and create site. Ongoing monitoring and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Bordenave's French Bread, San Rafael, CA October 2010 – Current
Added new functionality and reports plus fixed some problems in their Microsoft Access application.
Kelly Snow, Santa Rosa, CA March 2010 – Current
Web Master helped design and create site with Real Estate information emailed to Kelly Snow.
Thermochem, Santa Rosa, CA December 2008 – December 2009
MS Access coding for chemical data entry screens. Complicated data relationships with three levels of nested subforms that required automatic data lookup, verification and multi-recordset updating.
Wine Country Mobile Notary, Rohnert Park, CA November 2008 – August 2011
Web Master helped design and create site. Owner and site have been retired.
Limos America, Sebastopol, CA June 2007 – Current
Web Master consulting and developing site content. Applying SEO techniques to improve site page rankings.
Petaluma Farms, Petaluma, CA March 2006 – December 2006
Added report to MS Access application so they could determine egg production trends based on feed formulas.

Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, CA.
June 1981 – February 2006
Position: Senior Development and Analysis Programmer Local site: Santa Rosa, CA
Quality Designer and Data Analyst for global application January 2000 – February 2006
Responsible for the analysis and design of major code changes necessary to keep the Agilent GRACES quality application functioning correctly as the result of new ORACLE ERP and SIEBEL PI implementations. ERP and PI data caused unreliable results for Agilent business quality metrics. After analysis of the major problems and implementation of my proposed code changes, metrics were once again accurate for business use. Implemented monitoring of ERP and PI data in order to establish trends and provide an early warning of potential problems. Redesigned AWARD (Agilent Warranty and Reliability Datamart) to make it more user friendly for ad-hoc reporting. Responsible for conversion of APDAAS report summarization process in COBOL to ORACLE PL/SQL. AWARD and its MS Access APDAAS GUI interface along with BRIO reports, allowed Agilent users (managers, engineers, manufacturing, marketing, finance, etc.) to determine product failure rates and which parts were causing those failures. This helped determine where engineering and manufacturing resources should be assigned for the best return in customer quality improvement and lowered warranty costs.
Customer Support Web Co-Project Manager February 2000 – April 2000
Developed Web front-end and SQL Server database. Team of 2 had working model in 6 weeks, finished application in 3 months. Solution provided quick entry, retrieval of support knowledge, experiences for RFST systems. One actual case allowed support to do a key word search for error message and associated fix. The field engineer was able to get the system back in operation within 20 minutes instead of the usual 2 days.
Demo Equipment Y2K Project Manager June 1999 – December 1999
Took over project management for “stalled” RAVEN project a year after it began. Application was in production three months later. Coordinated and helped code the solution involving Visual Basic, MS Access, SQL Server, and two-way transfers of data with an HP3000 Image database. RAVEN was a demo equipment scheduling application that replaced a non-Y2K compliant application. New solution was more user friendly providing more capability in scheduling and reporting of HP demo equipment.
Systems Warranty Information Web Tracking Project September 1998 – May 1999
Originated solution proposal and then designed, coded and implemented. Application used a Web interface to a MS SQL Server database to capture system and embedded instrument shipment information. This data was processed by the warranty application and flowed to end-user reporting of system failures. Consolidated system warranty metrics had never been available to users before this implementation. This allowed users to see accurate statistics on system failures and which instruments in those system were causing the failures.
Vendor Y2K Compliance Web Tracking Project July 1998 – September 1998
Built Web interface in 40 hrs. Buyers used to enter answers from phone interviews with over 1000 vendors.
Financial Systems Analysis Project October 1997 – April 1998
SQL Server database design and Transact-SQL coding. Application allowed business project managers to track real-time costs vs. forecast and budgets as opposed to former monthly paper reports. This solution helped managers control costs, saving the Santa Rosa Systems Division business substantial amounts of money.
Microcircuit Document and Web Linker Project Manager January 1997 – September 1997
Project Manager of 3-person team. Designed and help code a MS Access database with Web reporting. Application allowed users to catalogue and link Microcircuit Manufacturing documents and processes to the assemblies that Micro built. This allowed Micro users to quickly determine and locate all associated documentation. This was critical for build or test process changes and then finding and notifying all other associated processes of that change. This application saved a dozen hours per change as opposed to the former manual paper research.
Group Quality Programmer April 1994 – August 1997
Worked with corporate Quality Control Department to develop APDAAS, a warranty MS Access & Informix reporting application. Added code for Test and Measurement Organization (TMO) group specific metrics. After installing in Sonoma County, spearheaded effort in rollout and support of application for all TMO sites. APDAAS gave warranty users real-time access to warranty data with search driven reports and graphs.
Senior Finance Programmer June 1986 – March 1994
Support, development and installation of new applications for financial and R&D systems. Lead division effort for physical inventory. Active in depart quality and employee / management communications improvements.
Computer Operations Manager April 1984 – May 1986
Supervision and training of computer operations staff. Responsible for department budget and assets. Lead effort to migrate all applications to new generation of Hewlett Packard 3000 main frame computers.
Finance Programmer June 1981 – March 1984
Support and development of new features for cost accounting applications.

California Pacific Insurance Services, Novato, CA August 1979 – June 1981
Support and transformation of COBOL accounting applications from Control Data Eclipse to IBM 4331.

Seyforth Laboratories, Dallas, TX September 1976 - November 1978
Independent Lead Distributor, sales.

Church of God the Eternal, Eugene, OR; Church of God Sonoma, CA July 1975 – July 1979
Contributing Writer, Editor of church literature; assistant in ministerial services.

Worldwide Church of God, Pasadena, CA June 1970 – June 1975
High School Instructor in math, journalism, religion, sports., Youth Director, Ministerial Assistant.

Control Data Institute, San Francisco, CA June 1979
Certificate of Completion: COBOL, FORTRAN IV, IBM Assembler, RPG/ RPGII Programming.
Ambassador College, Pasadena, CA June 1970
BA, Masters Program: Theology, Speech and Communication, Secondary Education.
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