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P. Scott Royer Jr.
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"... Although he was semi-retired, he had not forgotten any of his high level Access knowledge. He has an excellent ability to create Access code that is robust, handles error checking, and easy to maintain. He is easy to work with, even with somewhat vague user requirements. He has high integrity and researches strategies on his own time. His delivery of project requirements is always timely. I highly recommend Scott and hope to continue to work with him as a collegue.

Carolyn Jorgensen, MBA
Excel and Access VBA software consultant

Scott's Web Design

Servicing Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Windsor. Also servicing all of Sonoma County, Napa County, Mendocino County, Lake County and Marin County.

Also known as "agilentspider"

Microsoft Access Developer

20 years experience as a Microsoft Access Programmer

Microsoft Access development and programming is my favorite type of project. I love creating sophisticated screens that allow users to accomplish their business needs in an efficient manner. Examples available upon request.

I am semi-retired, so I'm not looking for full time work. I would really enjoy a part-time project.


"No Surprises"

My goal is to keep my clients apprised of everything that is happening. To consult together to design and make development design decisions along the way. I enjoy learning about my client's business -- it helps me do a better job of building a Microsoft Access application for them. I will also take the time to explain what I am doing and why. In addition, I like to do a little education if the client would like to learn more about how to work with Microsoft Access development themselves. This can gives them the opportunity to learn how to make some changes on their own without the assistance of a consulting programmer if they wish to do so.


I did the majority of design and development on a Microsoft Access application used by over 1000 employees in Hewlett Packard and then Agilent Technologies. This application used a MS Access front-end first linked to an Informix database and then converted to an Oracle database. I created complex but simple to use "search" forms that allowed users a large variety of ways to search through warranty and shipment data. The retrieved data could be viewed as reports and graphs. There was a lot of code written behind these forms, graphs and reports to make them work using the warranty formulas the users needed to analyze fail rates and repair cost. This application was appreciated by all and survived through all the cutbacks and new applications over the years because it gave the users what they wanted in a simple and efficient manner.

Since then I've consulted on a couple of MS Access applications for local businesses. Petaluma Farms had a management report another contractor tried to work on, but couldn't fix a report to work the way the owner wanted it. I was referred to them and got it working to their expectations. Next, a former coworker called me because she needed help developing a solution she had contracted for with Thermochem. I was able to write the code to simultaneously handle multiple records sets and lookup relationships all done from their single customer bottle check-in form.


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