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P. Scott Royer Jr.
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Scott's Web Design

Servicing Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Windsor. Also servicing all of Sonoma County, Napa County, Mendocino County, Lake County and Marin County.

Also known as "agilentspider"


Last Updated:
December 22, 2016

Microsoft Access

National Indian Justice Center
My brother has worked here for several years. They have several Microsoft Access databases they need consolidated and asked him if he knew any Microsoft Access experts. I got the job. In addition to the consolidation, they need new forms and reports and "database normalization" as much of their data is redundant. They also have future projects in mind: data in Excel that would work better in Microsoft Access and clients entering their class registration via the web.

Bordenave's French Bread
Bordenave's office manager needed someone to work on their Microsoft Access application that tracks all customers and daily orders. She found my web site and gave me a call. We've established a great working relationship since then. I've fixed things that never worked right, added functionality and new management level reports.

Carolyn Jorgensen  contracting with  Thermochem
When working for Hewlett Packard, I hired Carolyn as a contractor. She called me and offered me a sub contract for some VBS coding in a Microsoft Access application she had contracted to work on for Thermochem. She was combining several Excel and Microsoft Access applications into a new primary application for them. While she could create reports and forms, she needed someone with my ability to write code to handle some complex multifaceted processing that was needed to retrieve, display and update several subsets of data all from the main check-in form. This allowed Thermochem to consolidate their processes and save time tracking customer inventory.

Petaluma Farms
A former Hewlett Packard colleague had a contract in accounting for Petaluma Farms. They had a management level report that no one was able to make work correctly. She introduced me to them and I was able to code the feed formulas and data lookups to give the ranch manager and owner a report that gave them egg production compared with different feed formulas. I also duplicated an Excel report in their MS Access application and fixed a few other reports that had problems. Their web site and eggs are named after the owner's wife and other relatives.

Web Design

Basically, I have only developed websites for friends and referrals from acquaintances. To be honest, at this stage in my life, it would be more than I would want to handle to develop a commercial website for a new client.

R&R Limousine Services

Richard had known about the work I'd done for Limos America. When he decided he wanted a simple web site of his own, he asked me to build it for him. He informs me his call volumns have increase noticably since having this web site.

Pamela Radin, C.N.S.A.     (the owner of this site has retired)

Pamela saw the "Wine Country Mobile Notary" web site I had designed and wanted one like it. After much discussion and collaborative design work, the "Blue Ink Mobile Notary" web site is receiving a lot of admiration.

Kelly Snow, Oakmont Real Estate Broker     (the owner of this site has passed away)

Kelly Snow was a referral I got through my brother. He and his wife live in the Oakmont retirement community. He is on a list of available realtors and wanted a web site to compete with the other real estate companies.

Wine Country Mobile Notary     (the owner of this site has retired)

Melanie is someone I know from playing tennis together. She wanted a web site to promote her business as a notary public. Using Dreamweaver CS3, I had her web site built in 10 hours over a two day period. We then improved the site by working on keywords and using Google's web site tools. Her web site displayed in the first couple pages of Google results for her chosen keywords and she had increased business opportunities. Melanie decided to retire from her business during the summer of 2011.

Limos America     (this site is currently "retired")

Limos America was working with a web developer across the nation and had poor turnaround time. They gave me the opportunity for which I am very grateful. We've made a lot of progress in a very competitive industry -- limousine wine tours in Napa and Sonoma counties. At one period their Google rankings had dropped to pages in the 40's and 50's of Google's search results for their keywords. With a concerted effort from both of us, we got their results up to the first several pages. Their individual Google page rankings went from a 0 or 2 to a 4 for all but one or two pages.

Church of God Santa Rosa

This web site is for a small independent church where several members of my family fellowship.


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